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Snowshoe cat information, pictures snowshoe cats crave interaction and are very friendly, affectionate and demonstrative, without any aloofness.

Snowshoe cats as pets: snowshoe cat information, where to buy, care, behavior, cost, health, training, grooming, diet and a whole lot more a complete snowshoe cat. Learn about the beauty, personality, sharp intelligence and history of the snowshoe cat. The snowshoe’s soft, short coat is easy to groom, and the cat enjoys the attention the snowshoe generally weighs 10 to 12 pounds snowshoe history. Appearance breeding history breeders, clubs, standard introduction this breed of cat is a deliberate hybridization of the siamese and the american bicolor cats (american shorthair cats with the white spotting factor.

Snowshoe cat club 3,357 likes 49 talking about this online snowshoe cat club members welcome worldwidefor anyone who loves cats, snowshoes and.

The snowshoe is a rare cat, because of the strict standards for breeding and markings it is rarely outcrossed with american shorthairs anymore. Forget the grumpy cat stereotype: this siamese–american shorthair mix’s affectionate and sweet disposition is supplemented by distinctive fur markings and a strong body.

What exactly is a snowshoe siamese cat are they the same as snowshoe cats see what they look like, and take a look at the origins of the 'snow shoe' siamese. Find snowshoes for sale on oodle classifieds join millions of people using oodle to find kittens for adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets adoption don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood.

  • The snowshoe is a breed of cat originating in the united states of america in the 1960s snowshoes were first produced in philadelphia when a siamese breeder's cat gave birth to three kittens with white feet.
  • Cats can make very loyal and lovable pets they are always waiting for you when you get home and they love to snuggle when you are watching television the best thing about cats is that they are very independent.
  • The snowshoe cat came about almost accidentally, when three siamese kittens were born with white paws — markings not common with the siamese breed.

The snowshoe cat breed: breeders brave enough to take on the snowshoe challenge find that the cat pays back the effort in love and affection anyone looking for an. Snowshoe breed standard the snowshoe is a medium cat based on the siamese of victorian, 1890 times it is a well-balanced cat overall, firm and muscular with the appearance of great power and agility, yet having the look of a runner not a weight lifter. The snowshoe has the personality of a siamese with coloring that is all its own, a white face and white feet snowshoes are very vocal and affectionate. Online snowshoe cat club open to anyone worldwide, who shares an interest in snowshoe cats and kittens we offer snowshoe cat pictures, information on the breed, we have a kitten and stud list and welcome our members to get involved.

Snow shoe chat
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